In Sky Hero you play John, a couraged soldier escaping of a sneak attack during an exciting free fall physics experience. Will you be able to guide John’s to safety and honor?

SkyHero uses your location to alter the in-game environment and weather, modifying how the game will play based on where you are and what is going on around you. Unlock all of the gameplay and secrets of SkyHero by using your keen reflexes to dodge between adversaries, tilting and touching your iPhone or iPad across 30 extraordinary missions.

Take Sky Hero with you and play in new locations, and at different times of the day to unveil new challenges, adversaries and power-ups!
7 Supported Weathers
Easy to Learn, Tough to Master
Universal App runs natively on your iPod, iPhone and iPad
Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
Amazing Power Ups
Multiplier System to Maximize Your Score
Amazing Graphics
Immersive Soundtrack
  More Levels, Weathers and Power Ups in the coming updates!
Your Mission is to escape from a sneak attack by jumping from your fortress trying to accomplish General Barbas’ last will… “Save your Honor”...

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